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Let's Talk Sex.

Sex isn't something that is dirty, shameful, or immoral; it's a normal and healthy part of life.

We all have a need for love, affection, and sexual intimacy. These needs should not be ignored or abused; instead, we should seek to understand and fulfill them in healthy, appropriate ways. As a sex educator, certified sex therapist, and researcher with over 15 years of experience, I help individuals and couples experience pleasure on purpose.

Here are some issues that I can help you work through:

  • An inability to experience sexual pleasure or intimate connection.
  • Sexual dysfunctions with at least one partner in the couple.
  • Miseducation and/or misuse of sex and sexuality.
  • A lack of, or desire for more, romantic, intimate, sexual, erotic creativity, or knowledge about personal sexual preferences.
  • Not receiving comprehensive and adequate sexual and relationship education.
  • Experiencing post-traumatic responses to everyday events.
Meet Jessica Ross, The Sex Professor

I've dedicated my life's work to sexual empowerment and exploration.

I'm Jessica Ross (PBC-FI, LPC, NCC, CCTP, CST, ACS) - a nationally, board-certified, licensed professional counselor, educator, clinical trauma professional, certified sex therapist, and approved clinical supervisor. Licensed as a therapist in Arizona, Maine, and Michigan. Specializing in sexual sovereignty and somatic exploration, I use an approach that embodies cultural humility and holistic care. With over 15 years of experience, I am dedicated to helping people experience pleasure on purpose.

I am the founder of The Center of Wellness with offices in Clinton Township and Southfield, MI and have experience working in forensic investigation, legal settings, with law enforcement, in foster care, testing and assessment, athletic transition and performance, and in private care. I've won awards for my work in diversity and liberation, and continue to advocate for BIPOC, lgbtqia2s+, and those who are a part of underrepresented, marginalized, and underserved populations.

In addition to my professional work, I am a doctoral student. My research focuses on understanding the sexual identity development of Black women and reducing sexual health disparities amongst marginalized youth and young adults.

Awards: Outstanding Advocacy for Cultural Humility in Human Services & Higher Education 2022, Sterling Heights Diversity Distinction Award 2021, and the Charlene Hunter Gault Honoree 2018.


let's work together

Experience exploration through shame-free conversations.

You deserve to experience pleasure, embrace your sexual power, and have access to comprehensive sex education. It’s okay to need a little help getting there. When we collaborate, you can anticipate intentionality, inclusion, safety, security, and understanding.

My bold approach leaves no stone unturned when it comes to keeping you informed and helping you unleash your full pleasure potential.

Interpersonal Care
Sexual Exploration
Supporting individuals and couples as they explore their sexuality related to pleasure, trauma, communication, and dysfunction through coaching, therapy, and consultation.

Premarital Counseling
8 week program designed to guide couples towards building an intentional foundation, a healthy connection, and increase relationship satisfaction.
Workshops are an opportunity to gain professional insight on sexuality and exploration. Workshops are open to all and require at least five participants to book.

Pleasure on Purpose
Pleasure on purpose workshops are designed to educate, encourage, explore, and empower the development of a healthy sexual identity. Each workshop is engaging and interactive.

The P.A.I.N. of Sex
The purposeful and intimate navigation of sex can be challenging for many people for many reasons. Fertility journeys, sexual dysfunction, history of sexual trauma, aging, or having a new empty nest. This interactive workshop is meant to help you better understand your needs as an individual or couple.

Within our sexual selves lies an erotic power. Power that can be used to enhance the sexual play between partners. Non-BDSM power play is about navigating consent, giving, receiving, and personal pleasure.

Sex Ed for Adults
A fun and engaging conversation to help adults learn about their bodies and relationships.
Sexual Health: An Introduction
What every professional should know about sex from doctors to clergy

Trauma Responsivity Training
- Building a Trauma Responsive Person Centered Practice
- Empathy and First Responders
- Trauma Stewardship for Vicarious Trauma

Cultural Awareness, Competence, and Humility Immersion

Comprehensive S.H.E. for Youth
Inclusive sexual health education for youth 3rd-12th grade

The Intersections of Sexual Assault
Supervision & Consultation
Supervision is provided in a 1:1 or group format.
- Supervision for Limited Licensed Counselors
- Peer-to-Peer Consultation
Presentation Highlights

  • Did You Say Sex? Supervision and Sensitive Topics North Central Association for Counselor Education and Supervision Conference - 2022
  • The Stories We Tell Ourselves Oakland University Chi Sigma Iota Compelling Conversations - 2022
  • The Couple's Philosophy: A Guide to Helping Couples Engage in Healthy Sexual Relationships Society for Sex Therapy and Research Annual Meeting Poster Presentation - 2022
  • The Importance of Sex Education: Wellness, Prevention, and Accountability Wexford-Missaukee Child Protection Council - 2022
  • From the Cradle to the Grave: IPV and Sexual Health Macomb County Domestic Violence Counsel - 2021
  • Embracing Sexy: Talk Dirty To Me TMWC Cleveland - 2021
  • Providing Culturally Competent Exploration of Consent and Sexuality in Teens and Young Adults SHIFT North Carolina Conference - 2021
  • Resiliency Over Survivorship Michigan Counseling Association Conference - 2021
  • The Body After Trauma (Co-Presenter - Stefanie McCllelan) Tennessee Alliance for Sexual Health - 2021
  • Sexual Health and Wellness as a Means of Prevention: Infancy to Adolescence Michigan Children’s Trust Fund-Virtual Statewide Conference - 2020
  • Human Trafficking Training for Mental Health Providers, Medical Providers, and Educators Michigan Counseling Association - 2017-2019

Book Jessica

and spice up your next engagement.

Jessica is available to provide workshops, trainings, presentations, and other speaking engagements in and outside of the country on topics such as:

  • Healthy Sexual Relationships
  • Sexual Empowerment & Sexploration
  • Sex Education
  • Sexual Health & Wellness
  • Trauma
  • Human Trafficking Training
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Special Request Topics

It can be hard to talk about sex. With me it’s safe.

We’re only a couple clicks away from working with each other! Please fill out the inquiry form and my team will get back to you within 1-2 business days!

Phone: 586-275-2481 / Email:

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Jessica Ross is a Michigan-based sex and intimacy coach that helps individuals and couples achieve pleasure and wellness through sexploration, empowerment, proper education, transparency, and healing.


©2023 Jessica Ross. All Rights Reserved. Design Credit


Jessica Ross is a Michigan-based sex and intimacy coach that helps individuals and couples achieve pleasure and wellness through sexploration, empowerment, proper education, transparency, and healing.


©2023 Jessica Ross. All Rights Reserved. Design Credit